Use Whatsapp on Multiple Mobile Phones Simaltaneously

On 25th April, Mark Zuckerberg posted a status update that Whatsapp users will now be able to use their Whatsapp account on multiple phones. Users can add up to four phones at a time, he added.

Learn how to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones with the new WhatsApp Companion Mode. Initially, there was no official way to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones, but now, Companion Mode is available for Android and iOS users. Currently, the WhatsApp Companion Mode only supports Android as a secondary device, and iOS devices can only be used as primary devices.

Follow these simple steps to use your main WhatsApp account on two different phones, be it Android or iPhone.

  1. First, install WhatsApp on your secondary device,
  2. Then link WhatsApp to your existing account by selecting the “Link to existing account” option.
  3. Next, access the “Linked Devices” section in WhatsApp on your primary device, and scan the QR code on your secondary device.

Now you can use both devices without any issues.

Features like biometric lock, disappearing messages, custom last seen and online status, profile photo, and “About” visibility carry over to secondary devices. Read receipts are also provided. If you no longer wish to use the same WhatsApp account on two phones, you can log out of the secondary device. Just go to “Settings” on the secondary Android device, select “Account,” then “Log out.” Tap “Log out” in the confirmation box, and you have successfully logged out of WhatsApp on your other device.



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