Easily transfer all your Whatsapp chat history from iPhone to Android

iphone to android whatsapp chat transfer

There is no official way for WhatsApp users to transfer their history back to their Android or iPhone devices after switching.

Hopefully, this will change soon. WhatsApp – the most famous instant messaging application, may allow users to move their chat history between Android and iOS.

Mashable has reported that users can move their conversation history from iOS to Android via an optional app called “Android Switch” in the app store – but this app has yet to be developed for Android. 

The popular site WABetaInfo, an independent WhatsApp news blog that publishes WhatsApp’s latest news and updates, posted screenshots of how this procedure will operate on Twitter, along with frequent updates on WhatsApp’s future features. It shows the best features of WhatsApp applications in their beta stage. 

In an update to WhatsApp, WABetaInfo claims that chat history will migrate from iOS to Android and vice versa. This next feature was presented only with a screenshot without any other details. There will be no word on the new feature when it is released.

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The app is in beta mode but some users have given positive feedback on Multi-device beta feature:

For now, if you move from one mobile platform to another, your chat history can not be transferred, but you can keep your other account information, like your name, picture, and settings.

You might benefit from this only if you constantly switch between mobile platforms to migrate your conversations; it can save your life if you need it.

Currently, some external tools claim you can change your chat history between WhatsApp on Android and iOS, but the devices may not be reliable, and they may violate WhatsApp’s terms and conditions. 

Whatsapp on using unofficial appsWhatsApp’s competitors, such as Signal and Viber, already offer this feature. So we can expect Whatsapp to implement this feature very soon.

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