Get Rid of Mobile App with 1B Downloads That Could Hack Your Phone

Do you ever wake up from a nightmare, shivering and sweating because you dreamt of burglars inside your house? The thought of them stealing every precious thing you own gives you shivers down the spine. but did you know no matter how many times you check whether your doors are locked, you are still unsafe?

Yes, that’s right! Your smartphone can be hacked. Without you even knowing it, someone can easily get access to your files, personal messages, and call logs. It’s high time to be mindful of such incidents. A popular and frequently used android app called “ShareIt” has been taking its toll on the internet because users have faced personal information leaks.

The popular android app is used for sharing files, images, and documents from one device to another. Users put their trust in it and transfer personal files across devices. According to a report by a cybersecurity company, ShareIt has put about 1.8 million lives at a security risk. Moreover, some countries have taken it down from Google Play Store. What’s worse is that Shareit is susceptible to MITD attacks. this means whenever someone downloads an app through the Shareit application, it directly follows to an external folder in the directory where the app can access the SD card write permission.  The hackers can simply access the user’s phone using the remote code execution and leak all the personal information.

What to do if you are a ShareIt user?

The best you can do is to simply uninstall the app from your phone right away and spread awareness as much as you can. It’s always better to do some research before downloading an application. Especially if the app provides actions like file transfer etc. some prior research can protect you from the bigger damage.

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