Why your iPhone stops charging at 80% with Optimized Battery Charging

iPhone Optimized Battery Charging

What causes your iPhone to stop charging at 80% on iOS 13 and later

Customers of Brisbane Mobile Phone Repairs are often concerned with a new iPhone charging issue that causes their devices to stop charging mid-charge after the iOS 13 launch. Like millions of other iPhone users, you may have noticed that your iPhone will stop charging at 80%. But don’t worry, your iPhone isn’t broken. Actually, Apple’s new Optimized Battery Charging mode extends your device’s battery life.

Here are some answers to the most common questions about Apple’s new battery charging technology:

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How does Optimized Battery Charging work?

With optimized battery charging, Apple is using machine learning to determine how often you charge your iPhone and how to extend its battery life. When your iPhone anticipates that it will be on the charger for a long time, it will delay its charging beyond 80%. In an ideal world, your iPhone should be fully charged when you unplug it from the charger if machine learning predicts your charging behavior accurately.

Reason for Optimized Battery Charging to Stop at 80%?

iPhones are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Batteries containing lithium-ion begin to lose their ability to hold a charge and perform optimally with age. Temperature and charging patterns are the two factors most likely to affect the chemical age of a battery. This is why Apple created the Optimized Battery Charging system, it reduces the amount of time your battery spends fully charged and prevents overheating by cutting the charging time at 80%.

What are the benefits of optimizing battery charging?

With Optimized Battery Charging mode, you can address the two issues that are most likely to shorten the life of your lithium-ion battery. The longer the battery life of your phone, the higher the battery capacity, and the better the performance.

How to check if Optimized Battery Charging is Enabled?

If Optimized Battery Charging is active, your iPhone will display a notification. You’ll be notified when your iPhone will have a full charge. In order to charge your phone ahead of the scheduled time, hold the notification and select “Charge Now” from the message that appears.

How to Disable Optimized Battery Charging?

The Optimized Battery Charging function will be automatically enabled on your iPhone as soon as you update to iOS 13 or later. Select Settings > Battery > Battery Health to turn off this feature. You’ll find Optimized Battery Charging under Battery Health. Turn off Optimized Battery Charging.


Still Continue To Have Battery Problems?

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