New Apple iOS 16 Updated Completed, to be rolled out in early September

new apple update ios 16

iPhone’s iOS 16 operating system will be Apple’s 16th major update for its iOS mobile operating system. In June 2022, the company announced iOS 16 as the successor to iOS 15. On July 11, 2022, the public beta version of iOS 16 was released, and the public version is expected to be released in early September. Apple expert Mark Gurman says iOS 16 development was completed last week.

iPhone 8 and newer will be able to use the next iPhone operating system version immediately after the public announcement on September 7. The general public will be able to download iOS shortly after the launch of the next iPhone generation in September.

New iOS 16 features

There are a lot of changes in the latest version of Apple’s operating system, including an overhauled lock screen with widgets as complex as those found on the Apple Watch.

Apple has made the Lock Screen more customizable, beautiful, and functional with iOS 16. Due to a new layering effect included in the Lock Screen, the subjects of the images are now artistically displayed in front of the clock on the lock screen, giving the impression of depth. In addition to that, users are also able to change the appearance of the date and time by selecting expressive typefaces and color schemes to suit their preferences.

There is an easy way to access information at a glance thanks to the Lock Screen’s widgets, which, according to Apple, are inspired by the complexities of the Apple Watch, such as upcoming calendar events, the weather, battery levels, alarms, time zones, and Activity ring progress. It is now possible to use Face ID regardless of whether the phone is oriented horizontally or vertically, however, this feature is available only on the iPhone 13.

As part of this update, there will be numerous new features, including a brand-new service called Apple Pay Later, which will be available for users in the US in the near future.

With Apple Pay Later, US users now have the ability to divide the amount of an Apple Pay transaction over the course of six weeks into four equal payments by dividing it into four equal payments over the course of the six weeks. The use of this service is free of charge and there are no interest or fees associated with it. According to Apple, Apple Pay Later is a feature of Apple Wallet that makes it simple for users to view, track, and return Apple Pay Later payments within Wallet. Furthermore, Apple Pay Later was built into Apple Wallet to support the financial health of Apple users.

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