Mobile Phone etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Mobile phones have become an inescapable part of humans. We cannot think of living without them as our work, education, social life, everything depends on it. As much as you use it, are you following the basic mobile etiquettes? I suppose, no.

Protect your phone against malware

As harmless as it may seem, a simple game or a soundtrack might infect your phone. In order to keep it protected against malware, ensure protection and privacy.

Turn off the Bluetooth

After you are done using Bluetooth, switch it off. Why? Because this will block unwanted downloads and extra usage.

Put a phone code to unlock it

Always put a security lock or your fingerprint so if in case it gets stolen or misplaced, no one gets easy access to your personal device.

Always charge your phone sufficiently

Don’t use your phone below 30% as it will reduce the battery life. It is recommended to switch off your phone when not in use.

Don’t sneak in someone’s phone when they are using it.

Do not! I repeat do not look at someone’s cell phone while they are using it. This not only invades their privacy but makes them extremely uncomfortable. Give them enough room to text freely.

Don’t answer calls in public places

Please don’t use your cellphone when you are in a meeting, with friends, or at dinner parties. It is highly unethical to answer calls during face to face conversations. If you must, better to excuse your companion, find a silent place and receive the call.

Don’t text and drive

Never underestimate the damage texting can do while driving. There is no message or call that is more important than your safety. Be extremely cautious not to answer calls or texts. If you must, park your call, attend them and then continue diving.

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