iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy?

Now that iPhone 11, 11 pr,o and 11 Pro Max are out despite the amazing features and huge display screen, it doesn’t make the previous models obsolete. The iPhone XR is one of the few options that have a widescreen and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Yes, that’s right! It starts at the reasonable cost of $599, AU$1,049 which is pretty decent. The excellent camera, hardware, and price are what make this model the best. Furthermore, iPhone 8 plus that was released in 2017 starts at a cheaper price than iPhone XR.

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The starting cost was about $579. Wireless charging, wide sharp, and crips display screen make iPhone XR stand out of the crowd. Ever since iPhone XR has taken over the market, iPhone 8 plus has reduced its cost and now it is available in the market at around $50 cheaper than its starting price. But does it mean you should buy iPhone 8 Plus? My answer is no. Just because it has reduced its price, it isn’t the best choice to invest in. Why? Because it has a less advanced processor and no dual SIM capabilities. This is also a personal choice as I understand it is easy to use and has all the basics you might need to get along.

With no further being said, let’s come to the main point. Out of the two phones, which has a better capacity? Well, both the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 plus have a sufficient capacity that is 64GB and 128GB, but if you are someone who takes a lot of selfies, 64GB isn’t the one for you.

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