Protect your iPhone with Stolen Device Protection

Stolen Device Protection, introduced by Apple in iOS 17.3, improves the security of iPhones, particularly iPhone XS and newer models. As a result of this advanced security measure, you are much less likely to lose your device to thieves due to vulnerabilities associated with passcode-only protection.

Using Stolen Device Protection:

Biometric Authentication Requirement:

Activating Face ID or Touch ID adds an extra layer of security beyond the passcode to critical actions like logging in to saved passwords, getting rid of Lost Mode, resetting the phone, or setting up a new device.

Financial Information Security:

Wallet features like Apple Cash or Savings transfers are also protected by Stolen Device Protection, which secures payment methods stored in Safari, Apple Card apps, and certain Wallet features.

Preventing Unauthorized Changes:

Several changes are subject to a one-hour Security Delay, which includes the alteration of Apple ID passwords, signing out of the Apple account, or adding/removing trusted devices.

Trusted Locations:

Trusted Locations, like your home and office, are recognized by Stolen Device Protection. Using the iPhone outside of familiar places requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication, reinforcing security even outside of these zones. However, the strict Security Delay rules are relaxed in these areas.

Activating Stolen Device Protection:

  1. Open the Settings menu.

  2. Open Face ID & Passcode settings.

  3. Enter your passcode.

  4. Activate Stolen Device Protection.

What to Do When Your iPhone is Lost:

  • Make a quick mark on your lost device using the Find My feature on a web browser.

  • With Lost Mode, you can display a custom message on the screen to facilitate communication with anyone who finds your iPhone.

  • Contact information can be shared to simplify the return of lost devices.

  • If you receive threatening messages from potential thieves attempting to coerce you into removing the device from your account, ignore them.

Besides providing increased security against physical theft, Stolen Device Protection strengthens your iPhone’s digital fortress to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

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