The new iPhone can reportedly send emergency satellite messages

Apple is working on a new service that would help people with iPhones in places without cellular coverage. Through the use of satellites in space, Apple plans on enabling emergency calling or messaging on iphones.

As part of Apple’s new satellite capabilities, the iPhone will be able to communicate even when cell phone networks are down or unavailable. Various sources say that Apple is planning its phones to “connect directly” rather than bouncing signals off towers!

Apple in the pursuit of satellite technology

Apple has been working on the satellite technology for several years but cautioned that regulators may not approve it, citing a relevant person familiar with the project who requested anonymity.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission approved Apple’s plans to use frequencies owned by Ligado Networks Corp in its cellular network, according to documents released after Bloomberg’s initial report.

Ligado stands to lose some spectrum rights if satellite-based mobile communication becomes widely available from different providers and is seen as unlikely to oppose Apple’s planned iPhone feature, the report said citing people familiar with the situation.

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Consumer Interest Is Low

According to independent technology expert Jeff Kagan, it would be major news if Apple created a phone as tiny as an iPhone with satellite capabilities. However, the typical user will not find it interesting, he claimed that just a small portion of the market would be interested in this.

Kagan claims that stranger things have happened before, but this time I am not expecting a satellite phone. Ross Rubin, the senior analyst at Reticle Research, a consumer technology consultancy in New York City, believes satellite technology in Apple’s new iPhone would be a break from past business practices.

However, Apple has no plans at this time to offer satellite internet access or turn iPhones into advanced GPS systems such as those currently available from Garmin Ltd. and TomTom NV. Apple’s next-generation smartphone may include Globalstar Inc.’s spectrum, which will allow it to work more closely with its planned constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites, TF International Securities analyst-Chi Kuo said last month.


Apple Inc. is looking to the sky for new ways to keep its customers connected. The company, which has long relied on cellular coverage, may soon be able to send emergency satellite messages through orbiting satellites to people down on the ground. With this new service, iPhone users in areas without cell towers would still have a way of communicating with 000 or other emergency services should they need it most – even if there’s no network at all nearby. We’re excited about these possibilities and eager for more information! 

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