iOS 15.5 update bringing back old features for iPhones

ios 15.5 iphone features

Apple did not state why third-party apps playback speed modification was disabled.

Update to iOS 15.5: Apple has chosen to return the option to modify playback speed in third-party apps using the Apple Music API and its content, which is great news for iPhone consumers all around the world. In the iOS 15.4 release, this feature was disabled.

According to IANS, the news comes from Apple developer Joe Kun, who announced on the Apple Developer Forums that Apple had reconsidered its prior decision to disable adjusting the playback rate for subscription material from Apple Music in third-party applications.

They came to the conclusion that they could safely activate that capability again, just as they could before iOS 15.4. As a result, this problem has been resolved in iOS 15.5 beta 4.

Apple did not indicate why the playback speed modification feature for third-party apps was removed, but based on Kun’s article, it’s safe to assume it was blocked due to an issue that has since been addressed.

Because iOS 15.5 is still in beta, individuals on the stable channel will have to wait to use the Apple Music API to alter playback speed in third-party apps.

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