The iPhone-Android FaceTime just became possible – It’s easy to do, here’s how

iPhone Android Facetime

FaceTime video calls will soon be possible without an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Apple has finally introduced FaceTime calls on Android phones and Windows laptops, a move widely seen as its answer to Zoom video calls. Apple rarely misses an opportunity to set itself apart from the competition or to use the newest technology, so it’s great to see FaceTime video calling available on all devices.

This is not to say that Apple devices will not be considered. FaceTime is integrated into the iOS 15 operating system that the system will look and operate more like Zoom. Providing the ability to video chat people outside Apple’s ecosystem, FaceTime updates will bring a grid view and calling scheduling functionality, as well as the ability to watch your favorite television shows and streaming content online with your friends through the new Share Play service.

You will have to wait until the iOS 15 beta, or the final iOS 15 release, for you to use FaceTime on Android and Windows users. Here’s how you’ll be able to join FaceTime calls now, across all devices.

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How to use FaceTime using Android or Windows

Here is the most important thing, you do not need a FaceTime app for Android and Windows.  FaceTime users on Apple devices can share a link to enable you to join a FaceTime call. If you are using a non-iOS device, you can join the call using your web browser. Even when a FaceTime call is made on the web, Apple says all calls are encrypted with end-to-end encryption. In other words, if you’re on an Android smartphone or Windows device, and you have a friend or relative who has an iPhone, they can send you a link to join a FaceTime call through text message,  WhatsApp, or email.

It only takes a few seconds for the link to load in your browser once you receive it. Using this method, you don’t need to own an Apple device or download a separate app to join the call.

It’s important to note that you must have an Apple device and an Apple account to make a call or schedule FaceTime. After that, you can create a shareable link to invite others, without requiring an Apple account to join. The Apple user who set up the call will have to give approval to those who wish to participate in the call.

It is too early to say if SharePlay is competing with Zoom, since its focus is on virtual watch parties, a trend that gained steam during the pandemic. It appears that Apple expects the feature will make FaceTime more of a tool for chatting with friends and families rather than just a video chat service.

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