How Covid-19 can live on your phone, How you can clean it!

Are you someone who needs to check their phone every now and then? Do you know COVID19 can live on your phone and may act as a vector to transfer it? We will be discussing a few methods to keep your mobile phone disinfected to protect you and your family.
In the latest study, it is concluded that disinfecting regularly touched items like telephones, switches, and door handles are essential as the virus may have come into contact with someone who is a virus carrier.

But how can we disinfect our phones when they aren’t water-resistant?
The answer is simple, we can clean it with a moisten lint-free cloth, the same cloth we use to clean our glasses, and thoroughly wipe it up.

Did you know? The coronavirus can remain viable for up to 24 hours on cardboard, up to 4 hours on copper, and about 3 days on stainless steel and on plastic surfaces. It is ideal to clean your phone as soon as you reach home.

Let me share a basic and quick method of cleaning your phone conveniently.

⦁ Switch off your mobile phone.
⦁ Take a bowl of lukewarm water with soap added to it.
⦁ Take your mobile phone out of the case and make sure not to submerge it in the water. Even if it’s IP68 water-resistant. I wouldn’t recommend submerging the phone in it at any cost.
⦁ Take a cloth and dip it in the lukewarm water. Starting wiping your phone with it.
⦁ Make sure you clean the entire phone.
⦁ Be cautious not to get any water into the openings like the charging port etc. let your phone dry it out. Do not turn it back on.

UV Virus Zapping:

If you are still not satisfied with home remedies for disinfecting your phone, why not try UV Virus Zapping? Several companies like Homedics and PhoneGap make UV sanitizers for your phone. Yes, that’s right. It may sound a bit high-tech, but they offer a service where they bathe your phone in a little tanning bed with Ultraviolet light.
As much as these disinfecting services sound fancy, you should keep in mind that they are more pricey than a bottle of handwash or a bar of soap. In addition, just bear in mind that these techniques slowly inactive the virus whereas the other disinfectants kill it rapidly.

Here are a few measures to minimize your mobile’s exposure to COVID19:

  1. It is better to keep your phone at home whenever you leave the house, or it is also recommended to place it in your pocket, or purse for minimizing the impact of Covid19.
  2. Use earplugs so you don’t need your phone to call or pick any calls.
  3. For contactless shopping, never choose the payment option of your mobile pay, use a credit card for no human interaction.
  4. Sanitize your phone with wipes frequently.
  5. Do not use your phone as soon as you reach home

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