Google Threatens To Withdraw Search Engine From Australia

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We live in an age when many of us completely dependent upon the world’s biggest search engine, Google. Imagine this website taken away from you. Yes, that’s a scary thought! In a piece of recent news, due to a controversial bill designed to benefit the news media, Now Google threatens Australia to take down its search engine completely from the country.

Google Australia Managing Director, Mel Silva cleared the air by saying that the draft legislation remains unworkable. However, she added:

If this code were to become a law, it would give us no choice but stop making google search available in Australia”. The company would require payments simply for links and snippets just to news results in search.

In addition, a hit back by the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrisonwe don’t respond to threatsmade it clear that Australia had no fear of google being pulled off.

The government aims to make Google and Facebook pay Australian media companies for using news content from the tech giant from news sites. However, the pressure faced by the search engine from authorities elsewhere to pay for news.

Why is Australia pushing this law?

Google is a highly used search engine in Australia and is considered to be a near essential utility. The government appears to be crystal clear as this widely used platform gains customers from people who want to read the news and this tech giant must pay a fair amount for their journalism. However, Google has continued to argue to give financial support to the Australian news industry.

Australian newspaper revenues

As Google has increased markedly in the same period, it has been reported that Google has made about $3.7bn gross revenue in Australia. For Google to threaten to take down its services from the entire country is too severe.

What does Google argue?

According to Ms. Silva, Google Australia Managing Director claims:

We do not see a way with the financial and operational risks, we could continue to offer a service in Australia. The laws would set an untenable precedent for our business and the digital economy”.

Silva argued this is not how the free-flowing share of information works on the internet.

Google has been very profitable amidst the pandemic while the local newspaper has been still struggling. This does not look good. Moreover, Google clearly knows the proposed demand by Australia could destroy its fundamental structure if it is followed by other countries.

What’s been the reaction?

Australians have expressed anger online at both sides. Some people have supported the Australian government while others have sided with Google. However, some people have been worried about Google home services and Google maps whether they will be available for usage or not.

In addition, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners Lee, said:

The Australian demand would make the web unworkable around the world.

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