Urgent Warning 533 Fine For Common Driving By Aussies

common driving fines Australia

It has been reported that Australian motorists may face hefty fines owing to a number of unusual road laws. Depending on the fine amount, demerit points can be assessed on fines of $114 to $698. Drivers are surprisingly few in number to be aware of these rules, much less to follow them. If you are planning a road trip over Easter break, you might want to review these road rule basics: 

  1. It costs $533 and two demerit points to throw an apple out of the car window.  

Even if the object is biodegradable, drivers who drop ‘injurious matter on a road’ could be fined for littering. In Queensland, a person who throws a banana peel or an apple out of their vehicle could be fined $533 and given two demerit points.    

  1. Blow horn and wave goodbye: $698 and 3 points

If drivers in NSW use horns or warning devices unnecessarily, they could be fined $349. In addition to the wave, the infringement could be doubled as ‘part of the body outside the vehicle’ is another $349 fine. 

  1. A $534 fine is imposed for using your phone to pay at a drive-through

Although many studies document the dangers of using a mobile phone, the laws extend right down to drive-through windows. A motorist could lose a maximum of five demerit points and receive a fine up to $534, depending on their state. It is advisable to turn off the engine and the handbrake before paying for a fast food meal with a mobile phone in order to avoid the costly fine.    

  1. Breaking into a service station: $349 and three demerit points

If you cut through a service station when you are standing at a red light or stuck in traffic, you could be fined. There is an illegal road rule, known as ‘drive on or over footpaths,’ which prohibits this tempting shortcut. In addition to the fine, drivers are subject to three demerit points.  

  1. Pedestrians splashed with water: $187 fine

Drivers in NSW may be fined for intentionally splashing individuals waiting for buses. Even though those puddles are entertaining, motorists should avoid them. It does not apply to pedestrians on the footpath.   

  1. Overtaking while speeding up: $344 and two demerit points

As drivers attempt to overtake another vehicle, this common and infuriating practice occurs. The fine for doing this in NSW is $344 and you lose two demerit points, while in Victoria it is $330 and you lose two demerit points.  

  1. Defending others from speed cameras and RBT with flashing lights: $116 and one point

This act of ‘community service’ may be well appreciated, but it is illegal. If you flash your vehicle’s headlights to alert other drivers of police presence, you will receive a $116 ticket and one demerit point. This infringement previously referred to high beams used in a built-up area, but now reads ‘use high beams towards vehicles approaching from behind’. If drivers in NSW use their high beams outside of fog and inclement weather, they can be slapped with the fine.   

  1. The penalty for driving over a nature strip is $464 and four points

Despite narrow streets or the difficulty of finding a parking space, drivers who mount the kerb or median strip in a school zone could be slapped with a hefty fine.

  1. Horses not given way: $130 fine

Despite the fact that horses are no longer used for transportation, it is illegal for motorists to pass a horse that is difficult to control. By raising his hand and pointing at the horse, the rider would indicate that the horse refuses to move. In that situation, the driver should turn off their engine, move to the left, and wait. In Queensland, drivers who disregard this rule may receive a fine of $130.

  1. If you leave the key in the ignition, you’ll be fined $114

There are about 1,000 fines issued each year to NSW drivers for leaving their keys in the ignition. Drivers are urged to avoid leaving their keys in the ignition even if it is convenient. 

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