Here’s how to update every iPhone app on iOS 16 in a jiffy

quickly update ios 16 apps

The iPhone is useful only because of its apps. It’s important to keep them updated so that you can do a lot with your smartphone. Keeping them up to date ensures you’ll get the latest security patches and features. Thanks to iPhones’ automatic updating capabilities, or via manual updating, updating one or all of your apps is quick and simple.

Following are a few simple steps that should take you just a few minutes to update your iPhone iOS 16 apps.

iOS 16 automatic app updates

Firstly, you can configure your iPhone to automatically update any and all apps.

ios16 app automatic updates

  • Go to settings, Scroll down and select App Store.
  • Turn the slider to green next to App updates under the Automatic downloads section.

Update iOS 16 apps manually

It is also possible to update apps manually when your iPhone does not do it automatically.

manually update ios16 updates

Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone’s home screen.

  • At the top-right part of your screen, click on your profile icon.
  • When you click on the Update button next to an app, you’ll see any upcoming automatic updates available for that app.
  • The blue Update all option is located underneath the Upcoming automatic updates heading if you wish to update them all at once.

The process is now complete! You can begin enjoying any new features and security updates, and repeat it if necessary in the future.

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