Covidsafe app: how Australia’s coronavirus contact tracing app works, what it does, downloads and problems

In a time of crisis, technology played a major role in controlling the pandemic. In addition, the Australian government launched the Coronavirus tracing application. This app traces people who may have come in contact with a covid 19 patient. This ensures easing restrictions.

How does the app work?

You can install it via Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For registration, the app will ask your personal pieces of information like name, postcode, age, and phone number. This will also ask whether you have been tested positive. You need to upload your contact IDs as well. With the help of Bluetooth, the app tracks your location and is updated every two hours. The data records are stored on the phone for up to 21 days. If a person is tested covid positive, they need to upload their information on the app. The app traces the patient’s location with consent for about 14 days until it tested negative.

Ever since the release of this application, the Australian government has encouraged the citizens to download and they have ensured that the personal information will 100% safe. In addition, if you have phones that have older software, the application won’t be loaded into your phone. This application only supports iOS 10 and Android 6.0 and more.
If you are using a non-Australian account will not be able to download the application as it is only available in Australian app stores. Furthermore, this application is perfect for knowing how many people have been infected with Covid19 in a single day. In addition, it also analyzes the data of the recovered patients.

After the pandemic:

After the pandemic is over, The Minster for Heath states that once they come out of it, all the app users will be encouraged to delete the app as soon as possible from their phone. Moreover, this will delete all the information stored on the app.

Is it compulsory to download this app?

No, it is not a must thing to do. But it would be ideal if you can download it to slow down the pandemic.

Who can access the data?

The data can be accessed by the federal government on an Amazon Web Serve located in Australia. Moreover, it is also declared that only health authorities charged with contact tracing will be able to access it. government

Will it drain your mobile phone’s battery?

No, this app doesn’t drain your mobile phone’s battery because you can lock your phone and the app can be kept running simultaneously.

Will the police be able to access the data?

No, it is kept highly confidential. Christian Porter, Attorney general told the Guardian Australia regulations to be developed to ensure privacy and the police will not be able to gain access to the data application.

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