Best tablets: The best tablets tested & ranked

In the era of e-learning, laptops aren’t as handy as tablets. Here is a list of the best tablets you can check out in 2021 to buy:

Apple iPad Air 2020

The Apple iPad 2020 has a high-end design rather than the traditional rounded iPad. A wide 10.2 inches display and powerful stereo speakers make this iPad a pack of entertainment. The iPad Air has an excellent camera, super-fast processor, and a brilliant build quality. The fourth-generation iPad is the best choice to buy in 2021.

Price: $564.92


Operating System Apple iPadOS
Dimensions 9.74 BY 7 BY .24 INCHES
Weight 1 LB
Screen Size 10.9 inches
Screen Resolution 2,360 by 1640 pixels
CPU Apple A14
Storage Capacity 64 GB
Battey Life 4 hours, 45 minutes (video streaming)

Onyx Boox Note Air

The Onyx Boox Note Air is best for college students and e-learners. Just at the cost of $479, this tablet is the perfect choice for reading books and making notes. It comes with a comfortable pen with a magnetic attachment but this pen works best with first-party applications only.

You have to be careful with spilling water over it as it isn’t waterproof.

Price: $479


Standing screen display size 10.3 inches
Brand BOOX
Series Noteair
Screen 1872 x 1404
Wireless Bluetooth
Communication Technology Wi-Fi
Resolution Carta (227 dpi)

Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the budget-friendly tablets. Starting at the price of $150, it has a 10-inch display, a strong processor, and a good battery life. It would have been better if the camera and speaker quality was upgraded.

Price: $150


Operating System Amazon Fire OS
Dimensions 10.3 by 6.3 by 0.4 inches
Weight 17.9 oz
Screen Size 10.1 inches
Screen Resolution 1,920 by 1200 pixels
CPU MediaTek MT8183
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Battery Life 8 hours, 12 minutes

Apple iPad 2020

The Apple iPad 2020 is a brilliant choice for remote learning. It is speedy, reliable, and lightweight. It costs about $279.99 which is fairly reasonable. It has an excellent app library. However, it has an outdated design and a mediocre front camera.

Price: $279.99


Operating System Apple iPadOS
Dimensions 9.8 by 6.8 by 0.3 inches
Weight 1.08 lb
Screen Size 10.2 inches
Screen Resolution 2,160 by 1,620 pixels
CPU Apple A12 Bionic
Storage Capacity 32 GB
Battery Life 10 hours

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ starts at the cost of $849. It has a solid build quality and a 5G connectivity option. Wide 12.4 inches super AMOLED display with 120 Hz. The color resolution is beyond perfect and easy to use in daylight.

Price: $849


Operating System Android 10
Dimensions 11.3 by 7.3 by 0.2 inches
Weight 1.3 lbs
Screen Size 12.4 inches
Screen Resolution 2,800 by 1,752 pixels
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+
Storage Capacity 128 GB

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