WWDC 2022 Apple Announces M2 MacBook Air

During WWDC 2022, Apple announces iOS 16 for the iPhone, MacBook Air with M2, and many more new technologies. Here are some of the most significant announcements that have come out of the latest Apple event.

1. iOS 16 added widgets to the lock screen.

  1. Live activities can now show notifications.
  2. Messaging updates. Delete and edit sent messages.
  3. Messages is getting SharePlay.
  4. Live Text updates. Now with Video. You can copy text from videos.
  5. Easily lifts items out of photos and drops them somewhere else, such as copying a dog in a picture and pasting it into a message.
  6. You can share photos with your family using the iCloud Shared Photo Library.
  7. Car and home updates.
  8. A new version of CarPlay will let you control all the vehicle’s systems, as well as the dash cluster.

2. WatchOS 9

  1. Introducing a podcast app with notifications.
  2. WatchOS 9 is reworking the Workout App.

3. M2 is still 5nm, the biggest disappointment

  1. 5nm-based technology. 25 percent more transistors than M1.
  2. LPDDR5 memory up to 24GB is supported. Advanced efficiency and performance cores. Four high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores.
  3. The bandwidth is now 100GB/s, up 50% from M1.
  4. 18% more performance at same wattage.
  5. From M1 to 10-core GPU.
  6. The video media engine supports ProRes encode and decode, as well as 8K video.
  7. The M2 chip will be available for the first time in Macbook Air.
  8. The volume of Air has been reduced by 20%. It is 11.3mm thick. Weighing 2.71 lbs. There are four finishes to choose from: Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight
  9. Featuring two USB-C ports, the upgraded Macbook Air has a compact power adapter.
  10. Another Mac is also getting the M2, the 13-inch MacBook Pro.
  11. Apple’s MacBook Air is priced at $1199 (USD)

4. The announcement of MacOS Ventura

  1. Keeping track of windows is easier with the newly added Stage Manager feature.
  2. Window groups across apps can be created.
  3. Spotlight has been updated.
  4. Apple has updated its email app on Mac.
  5. You can undo a send within a few seconds by using Undo Send. You can also schedule and add reminders to follow up.
  6. In Safari, there is a new feature called shared tab groups.
  7. Apple hopes to eliminate passwords. Introducing “Passkeys.”
  8. FaceTime is getting handoff.
  9. Apple’s Continuity camera lets you use an iPhone as a webcam on your Mac. iPhones can attach to a display with Stand.

5. iPadOS

  1. An entire Messages group can have access to a collaborative document shared from Pages.
  2. Lively collaborate on a freeform board while on a FaceTime call.
  3. You can now watch your friends play and see when they beat your high score on Game Center.
  4. SharePlay games. Also coming to iOS and macOS.
  5. Stage Manager coming to iPad. Overlapping windowing and full external display support.
  6. A full dock appears on the external display. iPad-powered Stage Manager on the big screen.

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