Apple fined $2 Million for not including a charger with iPhone 12

apple brazil fine

Procon-SP (A Brazilian consumer protection agency) imposed a huge fine to Apple for about $1.92 million for not including the power adapter in iPhone 12 and newer productions of Apple’s iPhones. The authorities were unsatisfied and the company was found to have violated the country’s Consumer Protection Law.

About the fact that Procon-SP notified Apple about the breach in December, Apple responded by reiterating its environmental stance by emphasizing how this act lowers CO2 pollution and rare earth mining. This is mainly attributed to Apple’s awareness that buyers, primarily users of Apple products, still have spare chargers. Although, despite the clarification, Apple had to obey Brazilian law.

According to Procon-SP Executive Director Fernando Capez. The fine also includes supposedly false statements of iPhone12’s water resistance. Despite boasting about the devices’ ability to withstand prolonged immersion, Apple allegedly refused to patch iPhones that had sustained water damage under warranty.

While such a fine would not have a huge financial effect on Apple, it does not have any choice but to make a compromise if it wishes to continue selling iPhones in Brazil. Other companies have also bowed to public scrutiny. Samsung, for example, has a contract with Procon-SP to provide a “gift” charger for Galaxy S21 pre-orders.

Final Verdict:

Brazil is one of the world’s largest mobile phone markets, so businesses that ignore its laws are losing a lot of business. The situation is particularly problematic for smartphone buyers in Asia and Europe.

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