10 Cell Phone Etiquette Rules You Should Follow

We often come across people who chew loudly, slam doors, or speak with their mouth full, all of these things get extremely annoying but do you follow cell phone etiquettes as religiously as you follow other etiquettes. Well, here’s a quick guide on cell phone manners you should be following.

Put your cell phone away at the dinner table:

As obvious as this rule seems, it isn’t practiced often. The Gadget Expert Gazelle, Amy Rice states that if you are at a dinner and you have an urgent call to attend, before answering it, explain about it to your companions. In this way, you don’t leave your guests awkward.

Speak softly on phone:

Remain calm and speak softly. Never shout on phone calls and if connections are weak, you can change your location for better signals.

Never text and drive:

Never text or attend calls while you are driving. If it’s really important to make a call, it is better to park your car somewhere and use your cell phone. Texting and driving can lead to disastrous accidents. Nothing is more important than safety.

Don’t take a call in the middle of a face to face conversation

Whenever you are at a party, meeting, or with friends, never answer your phone. It is highly unethical to receive a call in the middle of a face-to-face conversation. This leaves the next person confused and awkward. If you must receive it, you should excuse from the gathering to take the call.

Keep your phone silent in places like Temple, Church, or theater.

We all have come across someone whose phone keeps ringing during movies, just don’t be that person. Make a habit of switching off your phone or putting it on silent before the movie starts.

It is recommended to switch off your phones at holy places like mosques, churches, and Temple.

Avoid checking your phone during work meetings

If you are the boss and you are constantly busy checking your phone, sending messages, and answering calls, you might be giving a bad impression to your workers. It is suitable to put your phone on silent mode to maintain a positive environment.

Avoid talking on the phone in a waiting room.

Waiting rooms can be congested and noisy. If you want to make an urgent call, it’s better to leave the area first, find a silent place and then make the calls. In another case, texting is also suitable for such occasions.

Avoid talking on the phone in public transportation

If you call a friend while going back home on public transport, there’s a chance you might be disturbing fellow passengers. Avoid answering calls and prefer texting instead.

Final Thoughts:

Using your cell phone according to your preference is fine as long as you it doesn’t cause inconvenience to other people. Preaching the right etiquettes is extremely important as our children learn from us. We must continue to practice such etiquettes for a brighter tomorrow.

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